CBD Oil For German Shepards - Canada


German Shepherds are wonderful dogs known to be loyal and love and bred specifically for their intelligence. Coupled with their strength, German Shepards have a way of quickly earning a very special place in your heart. However, like many other purebreds, German Shepherds are prone to some problems and this content reviews common conditions and if CBD can help.  

How Can CBD Oil Help My German Shepherd?

CBD oil is taken from cannabis and hemp plants. More studies are showing that CBD can be helpful for so many dog breeds and that’s why more and more pet owners are trying CBD for their dog.

CBD oil can help your German Shepherd with a whole list of things, including:

  • Anxiety 
  • Cancer
  • Eating disorders
  • Hyperactivity
  • Inflammation 
  • Immune disorders (like Lupus or IBD)
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Pain 
  • Seizures
  • Stress
  • Seizures


Apart from using CBD as a medicine to treat these (and more) conditions, you can also use CBD as a regular dietary supplement.


CBD Oil Dosage for German Shepherds

Pet Weight = 25-50lb/11-23kg   

Dosage 3-6 drops. Based on a 50ml Bottle with with 250mg of CBD


Pet Weight = 50-75lb/23-34kg.

Dosage  3-4.5  drops based on a 50ml Bottle with 500mg CBD


Pet Weight = over 75lb/34kg    2 x day @ 4.5 drops each based on 50ml Bottle with 500mg CBD


How to administer the CBD to your pet

Drop on food or a treat or directly into the mouth

Always follow the dosage instructions outlined on the product you’re using.

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