CBD Oil Side Effects in Dogs and Cats

Treating pets with cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a relatively new option for pet owners, which means it’s also fresh terrain for the medical science community. There is a lack of extensive research into the long-term effects of CBD use in animals, but there have been thousands of positive reports and case studies in recent years. These products are widely considered safe as long as owners follow recommended dosage limits and watch for signs of adverse reaction following treatment.

Cannabidiol is Not the Same as Marijuana

CBD oil is made with an extract from hemp plants, which includes the species grown as marijuana. It is a single compound out of the dozens of different active chemicals contained in the plant tissue. When processed correctly, the oil does not have psychoactive or hallucinogenic effects.

Pet owners should note that marijuana in its natural state is not safe for animal consumption. The intoxicating effects can cause erratic and dangerous behavior, which can lead to serious injury. Some animals also experience life-threatening reactions when exposed to certain compounds in the plant.

Possible Side-Effects of CBD in Pets

There are few studies regarding the side effects of CBD in pets, although those conducted on humans found some individuals experienced changes in appetite, sleep patterns and digestive health. Some pet owners who administered the compound reported an increase in drowsiness and overall lethargy.

Much like humans, animals can also possess genetic or development vulnerabilities to certain substances. While CBD is not considered an allergen, cats and dogs should be monitored carefully throughout the first few applications. Facial swelling, troubled breathing and vomiting are some of the obvious signs of a dangerous adverse reaction.

Finding Safe CBD Pet Products

Pet owners must exercise  caution when administering cannabidiol or any plant derivative to their pets. Products made from unprocessed marijuana may contain toxins that cause numerous behavioral and health problems in cats and dogs. As a supplier of premium CBD pet solutions, Can Best Buds advises customers to only use pet-friendly products made with quality ingredients and a responsible manufacturing process.