How To Give CBD Oil To Your Dog

If you have ever tried to give your dog their heart worm mediation without first trying to hide it in something yummy, you know administering medication can be tricky.


There are several ways of giving your dog cdb oil:

  1. Sublingual – under your pet's tongue
  2. Drop and mix it with the pet food
  3. Drop and mix it with its drinking water


Dropping the CDB oil under your dog's tongue has the advantage that it is absorbed by its body faster because it doesn’t have to take the longer route through the digestive system. 


Many of our CBD oil products for dogs come in a dropper bottles with a tincture which allows for measuring out exact doses and makes it easy to add CBD oil to food or water.


When placed under the tongue, your dog absorbs the CBD oil directly into the bloodstream, which provides a faster result compared to topical or edibles.

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