Using CBD Oil for Dog Anxiety

Losing sleep over an upcoming exam or feeling uneasy when moving to a new home are completely normal reactions to stress. Everyone is anxious sometimes, and that includes dogs and cats. However, prolonged periods of anxious behavior or inability to cope with new sources of stress can seriously impact quality of life for dog and dog owner alike.

Dogs experience anxiety in a similar way to humans, so veterinarians know that the condition often involves multiple genetic, environmental and social factors. This means that dog owners may have to take broad measures to manage this behavior in their dog. Many people report that CBD oil products have produced consistent, positive results when used alongside standard training and care tactics.

When is Anxiety a Problem?

There is a big difference between a normal reaction to stressful circumstances and chronic anxiety. Tension and nervous behavior should fade quickly, usually within hours to a few days. It should also diminish over time as the dog adapts to the changes in their environment, especially if the owner takes steps to acclimate their dog slowly.

Anxious dog behavior is considered unhealthy if it interferes with a pet’s, or their owner’s, quality of life. Anxiety usually provokes fearful behavior and a desire to flee from the source of stress, but many dogs resort to uncharacteristic violence if they feel threatened or trapped. Chronic anxiety can also produce physical complications in dogs, including malnutrition and hypertension.

Recognize Anxious Behavior in Dogs

Anxiety manifests differently in dogs and cats, but both experience uncharacteristic changes in attitude. Their behavior may reflect a hostile or fearful mentality, which is usually provoked by a specific trigger in the environment. Triggers can be almost any kind of sensory stimulus, like the smell of a specific person or a painfully high-pitched sound.

Signs of Anxious Behavior in Dogs:

  • Pacing or other repetitive motion
  • Shaking and muscle twitches
  • Unusual vocal sounds
  • Ears forced back
  • Dramatic yawning or panting
  • Frantic attempts to escape

Steps to Manage Anxiety in Dogs

Dogs that display these symptoms on a regular basis or for an extended period of time could be suffering from a chronic disorder. Owners who believe their dog shows signs of unhealthy anxious behavior should consider contacting a veterinarian for a checkup. It’s also a good idea to evaluate and think about possible sources of fear and stress in the animal’s environment.

As a proven therapy for anxiety in humans, CBD oil has a lot of potential for dogs with the condition. That’s why Can Best Buds takes extra steps to provide a diverse selection of CBD oil products that are tailored specifically for canines. We also share our knowledge with customers so they can make an informed decision about their dog's well-being.